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Novo Media Considers itself a Digital Unit focused on bringing various aspects of digital media to our clients. Over the years, we have maintained a focus on SMS text messaging as an engagement tool for various sectors; this however, is not our only strength as our team is also capable of building websites and developing custom smart phone applications (iOS and android). Some of our smartphone application clients are in the process of launching Digital Payments, a process which we facilitated. Also, included within our skill set is the ability to assist clients with optimizing their social media presence so that their brand is properly represented within the various social communities such as Facebook and Instagram etc. Another tool we have been using is our Social Wi-Fi platform which allows us to build valuable analytical data for our clients using existing wireless hotspots. Our newest intiative involves Augmented Reality and we are really looking forward to deploying it with our strategic partners

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Application and Web Development

Novo can do custom applications that work across multiple platforms, such as: Android, iOS and Blackberry. Our apps can be built with a content managed feature (allowing clients to update app). Our apps can also feature location (GPS) based services and even Mobile commerce services.

Opinio Social Wifi

We are now in the Digital age, Novo believes that no social media presence is complete without proper analytic tools. This is why we are pleased to offer our analytics product, Social Wifi By leveraging on existing wifi (free) networks, Social Wifi allows owners to monetize the environment. There is an extension to increase your social media presence and the capability to monetize that component as well. Social Wifi owners can even extend use of the tool to other brands, retailers and marketers.

Social Media Management

In a field that’s growing and changing by the minute, one thing is certain: communications companies have to stay current. It’s the only way to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to a brand’s questions. Novo Media's Social Media Marketing arm partners with brands to advise them of the latest and greatest opportunities to showcase their businesses, build engagement and develop loyal brand advocates. This approach has led us to develop and lead in digital services for over ten years. Our firm has handled accounts for brands ranging from international and corporate, to small local businesses. We take pride in our ability to guide our clients help them achieve maximum ROI by implementing innovative and engaging digital marketing campaigns. We understand the need for paid ads but stress on the importance of building organic brand loyalty.

MMC – Mobile Messaging Client

Our Mobile Messaging Client is a web based tool that allows clients to Manage, Broadcast and Receive premium text messaging services such as: Subscription, Text-to-win promotions, Polls, Surveys, etc. This tool has been used to handle comments and broadcasts to and from political programmes, nightly news polls, retail promotions, academic institutions, religious institutions and even live conferences. We provide full training and support to all clients utilizing this service.


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